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We Move Mountains With Spoons Issue One

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COMIC SHIPS ON 06/30/2023

We Move Mountains With Spoons started out as a way to tell stories about me and my friends.  It slowly morphed into something that helped me deal with my mental health and be open and honest with who I was, in and out of the fire service.

The comic is printed on high quality publishing paper, is sized to be 8 x 8, and will come with a plastic cover and cardboard backing to prevent bending.

The episodes included in Issue 1 are:




and Compassion

Each story is a snippet into the life of a Wildland firefighter, at different points in his life as he tries to maneuver through past mistakes to reclaim his life and find purpose.

Thanks to Nicks HandMade Boots for Sponsoring Our Crew Of The Issue.

Thank You For Reading and Your Continued Support.  The comics will start shipping on 06/30/2023.

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